Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Thirty-six Weeks

Thirty-six weeks and three days. That's what they told me at the doctors office today. I did a quick calculation in my head (I'm a math whizz in case you didn't know) and that leaves us with 25 days until our baby girls due date. I'm not sure which is less scary to say - three and a half weeks or 25 days.

I've started seeing my doctor once a week now and today's check-up went very well. The baby is in the right position - which explains the recent kicks to the ribs I've been getting - and pretty much ready to go. Over the last week my hips have been starting to hurt a lot as well as my back (the joys of pregnancy). I have been stretching, doing light yoga and even walking to try and relieve the pain but nothing has seemed to help. When I asked my doctor about the pain she said that it's probably due to the fact that my pelvis has started expanding to get ready for the baby.

WHAT?! Already?? Oh right, twenty-five days...

This week my main priority is to get the babies room as finished as possible. We have all of the furniture built and today I washed approximately 8374935792819848 onesies/blankets/sheets. I'm just waiting for a few more items to arrive and then we should be ready to go!

We started taking our Lamaze Class (turns out there's more to it than he-he-ho) over the weekend. While the classes are a bit long, there has been a lot of really good information and even a few of those lovely birthing videos. We have one more class this Saturday and then we are ready to go! Or...something like that. We also had a hospital tour which was amazing. We are having our baby at the Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women. The Pavilion is brand new - only been delivering babies for about a month now. The entire facility is brand new and absolutely gorgeous. I never thought I would say that about a hospital but it's true! All of the rooms are private and there is a one-to-one nurse to patient ratio during labor and delivery. Since its attached to the Children's Hospital if there are any emergencies or problems during delivery (or after) there is a full neonatal and pediatric team ready to go. We couldn't ask for a better place to have our first baby (and we are SO glad it's in network for our insurance) ;)

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