Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Twenty-nine Weeks

Well - we made! We have arrived in Houston and are all settled in to our temporary housing while we wait to close on our house. Week twenty-nine has been an exciting one for the baby (and us) so far, and even included a visit to her new doctor. I am happy to report that the babies heartbeat at todays appointment was right on target. She was squirming around so much that the nurse kept losing the heartbeat and had to tell her to stay still!

Since I am now in my third trimester I will be having biweekly appointments instead of monthly. Towards the very end of the pregnancy that will increase again to weekly appointments. I am going to know that office like the back of my hand!

Baby has been getting the hiccups almost every day now since I started feeling them the other week. Sometimes she even gets them two or three times a day! She should be weighing in at about 3 lbs this week - give or take a half a pound (knowing this little one shes probably up to 3.5 lbs already) - approximately the size of an acorn squash! She should measure about 15-16" so far, meaning she has another 4-6" left to grow before she arrives. All the books say that she will triple in weight as well - but I'm crossing my fingers she doesn't get to be as big as 9lbs! Yikes!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Twenty-eight Weeks

Two down. One to go.

Trimesters that is.

This week starts off our third and final trimester.

How do I feel about that? Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Happy.

All of the above!

Last week I felt the baby get the hiccups for the first time, and have noticed her get them a few more times since! It's such a funny little site to see and feel. And the other night she gave me a swift kick to the rib cage as I was getting ready for bed. It totally caught me off guard - I would love if she stuck to the hiccups and left my rib cage alone :)

We have a busy, busy week coming up with the move and all. I'm trying to take it easy since I can't seem to shake this cough/cold I picked up a few weeks ago. Baby is doing just fine though, shes as energetic as ever, so I must be giving her all of my energy and nutrients. 

Next time you get a weekly update it will be coming from Houston, Texas! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Twenty-seven weeks

Only one more week to go in my second trimester, and then I start my third and FINAL trimester. YIKES!! How did that happen?? Baby C has been quiet this week, she must have kicked out most of her energy last week and is now taking a little break. She's going to start growing more and more during the third trimester, this is when she gains the most weight and grows the most! She is around 2lbs this week and about 14" long. Apart from this nagging cold that has been around for a few weeks I have been feeling really good. Still have lots of energy which I am trying to take advantage of before the fatigue if the third trimester kicks in! We have a lot of packing to do this week and next week so the extra energy will come in handy!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Twenty-six Weeks

So here we are at twenty-six weeks. Only two more weeks until the end of my second trimester and two and a half weeks until we move to Texas. It is crazy how time flies and stays still at the same time!

Baby C's ears are developing more and more and her hearing (although muffled) is improving. I talk to the baby every day. At first I felt really silly talking to a little beach ball belly, but now I love it. I update her on my day and what's going on Trying not to get caught at work is the trickiest part!

Last week I felt the babies foot for the first time when she was kicking me. Up until then all of her mighty kicks and punches felt like little taps coming from inside my belly. But last Wednesday night I felt a very distinct poking feeling near my belly button. Sure enough I could feel a hard little bump when I put my hand there! She only had it there for a second but it was really exciting. Since then I have felt more and more pokes and less taps. Soon enough I'll be able to distinguish which pokes are from a fist and which are from a foot!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Holy Sh*t - I'm having a baby

I guess that's not really a big surprise, considering this is a blog about me having a baby. But that very thought smacked me upside the head a couple of weeks ago. And man, it smacked me hard. 

When we were in Houston, one big item on our never-ending to-do list was to find a doctor and a hospital for the baby. I made a handful of doctors appointments throughout the week and scattered in a couple hospital tours. On our first full day in Houston we had an appointment for a hospital tour.

Now, it's not like I didn't know I was having a baby. I am very aware that there is a little person growing inside of me. But I think I was more focused on the fact that I was pregnant, which is VERY different to actually having a baby and raising a child. 

See, I tend to make these big, life changing decisions without really thinking through all the details.