Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Watch Me Grow - Three Months

A little late on this one but here we are - three months old! Officially out of the "newborn" stage, I can't believe it! Our little chubs is doing great, she is so sweet and adorable. This past month she started smiling and has developed such strong neck and stomach muscles. We have been working on pulling her up to sitting (which she loves!) and over the past couple of weeks she has been wanting to "stand" up on her legs. She's kicking around like crazy and lifting her legs in some very impressive reverse crunches.

This month she also started smiling, cooing and "talking" like crazy. She LOVES when you sit down and talk right to her - her face lights up and she starting making all sorts of noises. Recently she figured out how to say "mmmm" with her lips pursed and she is obsessed. Also currently obsessing over her hands - holding them out in front of her, inspecting them close to her face, clasping them together and (her favorite) shoving them in her mouth. Lauren especially loves it when her big sister plays or reads to her, and Kaitlin has been snuggling up to her and wanting to spend lots of time with her. 

She is still waking up 2-3 times a night, but it really just depends on the day. Sometimes she sleeps for 8-9 hours, sometimes she only sleeps for 5 hours at a time. She likes to keep me on my toes ;) We had to make a stop at the doctors office this past month and she is weighing in just around 13lbs! She has another well check up at four months so we will get the full measurements then. Lauren is such a good little baby. She really only cries when she is hungry or over tired. She has such a sweet disposition. It makes all the night wakings well worth it :)