Monday, 9 May 2016

Watch Me Grow - Eleven Months

(I'm not exactly what's going on with her facial expression here - but it is the ONLY photo that I was able to take with her laying on her back and not rolling/crawling all over the place)

Eleven months. One more and she will be a whole year old. That little face. My gosh her smiles just lights up a room. What have we been up to this past month? I'm happy to report that there are no new teeth but it looks like her molars might be ready to make their debut. Her gums are swollen and she is gnawing on just about anything she can get her chubby little hands on. And we all know how fun molars can be (que sarcasm). In fact I think they have even woken her up in the middle of the tight with pain or at least being uncomfortable. Going back to 1am, 4am and 6am wakes up calls is definitely not fun. Molars molars go away!

Unfortunately Lauren has another ear infection this month. We managed to go about two months without one, but now that she's had another we will have to see if the ENT recommends tubes or not. Teething doesn't help as we know it can cause congestion and excess fluid, so hopefully she doesnt get an ear infection every time she's working on a new tooth. She's got way too many teeth left to have that be the case! We have a follow up with the ENT this month so the tubes discussion is TBD at the moment.

Little Lauren has started bear crawling like a champ, speeding around the sidewalks outside (much more comfortable than crawling with your knees on pavement). She has also started really walking with assistance - her number one choice is Kaitlin's chairs to her little eating/drawing table. The chairs are the perfect height and weight so that she can glide effortlessly across the room, right over to the shoes or stairs or pantry - where ever she can get into trouble ;)

Lauren has started talking and babbling SO much more than she used to. She loves to blow air out of her month (think the precursor to whistling) and blowing raspberries. She loves to attack you with "kisses" (mostly just open mouth drool bites) and has a small freak out every time she sees her sister or her daddy. It's basically the cutest thing you've ever seen <3 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Watch Me Grow - Ten Months


How can it be that my baby, my baby of all my babies, is going to be ONE in less than two months. Cue all the tears and all the wine. Please and thank you. I can't handle it.

Crawling has taken on a new life of its own. It didn't take this girl long to pick up speed and start moving around the house like it was her job. Constantly chasing big sister, she's crawling at full speed. Oh, and starting to crawl up the stairs. And also pulling up to standing. MAKE IT STOP! I thought for sure that I would be blessed with a late walker considering Kaitlin took her first steps at 10.5 months. I dont think Lauren will make it there quite that early but man she is learning fast. She is already pulling herself up to standing using furniture, toys, even just the wall or door. And climbing stairs - yup, she learned that one real fast!

Also, I know I say this every month, but she is literally the happiest baby ever. That smile, man oh man. It just melts us. She's still working on getting those top teeth to come it - that puts the tally at SIX teeth so far. Slowly but surely they are making their way in. 

As to be expected all of the crawling and standing and motor developments have disrupted her naps. I'm so glad that I can be a *little* bit more relaxed about all of this the second time around. I guess being the second child is good in that aspect :) She is still waking up once a night to eat, but the time is getting later and later so I am hoping that she drops that soon. I thought about sleep training her but honestly, at this point, it's easier for me to just go in and feed her and then everyone can go back to sleep. I love sleep. Did you know that? I need all the sleep I can get. 

Speaking of eating, solids are still going well and she is quite the good eater! We got the OK from the pedi at 9 mos to go ahead and try solids but we haven't done it yet. I'm nervous she is going to have a bad reaction and also I dont want to hurt her tummy if I dont have to. I will get there, but for now I'm just leaving it alone. I have given her a couple of things made with dairy (waffles and pancakes) and so far so good...hopefully that is a good sign! She continues to LOVE all fruits and all vegetables, even oatmeal (real, not baby) and some kinds of beans. Roasted chicken is her jam....let's hope she stays this way in the long run :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Watch Me Grow - Nine Months

Booooooo. Such a bad mom. I totally and completely forgot to write a nine month recap for Lauren. I'm sorry Lauren, such is your fate for being the second child. Let's see how much I remember from two months ago.....

Lauren FINALLY was able to get rid of her ear infections. It took another round of antibiotics but we finally kicked that sucker to the curb. The ENT actually didn't find anything during our appointment with him, but two days later wouldn't you know it - it was back. Luckily we have been ear infection free since then.

Lauren got TWO more teeth during her ninth month, and they broke through right as Auntie Colleen came into town to watch the girls while Mom & Dad took a little trip away! Good for us - bad for Auntie Colleen. The drool that comes out of this girl when she is teething is just amazing. Bibs for days, people. Bibs for days. Her front middle teeth just barely popped through as she turned nine months old. Another big accomplishment on the eve of her nine month birthday??


She finally did it!! By her nine month birthday she had JUST started taking a few little crawling steps here and there. Take a couple, sit down. Take a couple more, sit down. She also discovered that she LOVES standing up. It's like as soon as she started crawling she realized there was a whole new world of mobility that had been opened up to her. Mind = blown.

Lauren celebrated her very first Valentine's Day. Unfortunately all she got was to watch her sister inhale candy and a valentine card that called her a "chunk-a-monk" - which is our favorite nickname for her. Hopefully she lucks out a little better next year.

She also got to graduate to big girl toys. I finally noticed that the rattles and stuffies weren't really doing it for her anymore and decided to break out some new toys for her to play with. Current favs are Kaitlin's Sofia the First castle, activity cube and a medicine box full of random blocks/toys that she can sit and sort through for a solid 30 minutes. I'm so glad I remembered that that kind of toy was a hit with Kaitlin, she absolutely loves it!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Watch Me Grow - Eight Months

First and foremost I would excitedly like to announce that Lauren is no longer sleeping in a swaddle! Hip Hip!! I know, I know - she's eight months old, she should have been out of a swaddle six months ago!! It was a long road but just after she turned seven months old we were FINALLY able to have her take a normal nap and fall asleep at night on her own and without a swaddle. Hallelujah.

Secondly, it was a long month. A long month of doctors appointments, ear infections, antibiotics and more ear infections. She was first diagnosed with an ear infection (after seeing the doctor pretty much weekly for a nasty wet cough) back in the beginning of January. After THREE rounds of antibiotics she was finally clear of the ear infections right around her eight month birthday. There is still some fluid in her ears that just wont go away, so we are off to the ENT this month to get her checked out to see if we need to take any action at this time or if we can just let it be. The WORST part about the whole ordeal was the fact that her tummy was such a mess while she was on antibiotics. She never really wanted to eat solids and was only eating/nursing in small amounts but was eating frequently throughout the day. About a week before she turned eight months I decided to stop nursing and fully go to formula. It was a little bit of a rough transition but after about a week or so we were back on track. Around the same time she finally stopped taking medicine and she has been so much happier and so much more excited about eating solids ever since!

Speaking of solids in the past couple of weeks she has been a brand new baby! I discovered that she was eating A LOT of formula (like, uh, 40oz of formula a day) and decided to ramp up the solids effort. She now eats solids 2-3 times a day and *most* times she is super pumped and eats a ton. Like, she will sit down and eat an entire banana and half of a puree pouch. Homegirl loves to eat, this we know. She loves, loves, LOVES to feed herself. She is a total baby led weaning fan. She loves to eat sweet potatoes, bananas, toast with avocado, green beans, peaches, broccoli - the list goes on and on. She's making such great strides in her fine motor skills with all of this practice picking up food. Now...who wants to help me bathe her after every meal??

Lauren also got her THIRD tooth this past month! Its a top tooth, just to the left of her middle teeth. It is slowly making its way in and I swear the same tooth on the right side is also inching its way down. For the past few weeks she has been napping so much better and semi regularly as well. We still get a few 30 minute naps every now and then but for the most part they last 40mins - 1.5 hrs (if I'm lucky!). Her night sleeping is still all over the place. One day a week she will sleep from 6pm - 5am, the next she will wake at 4am, then at 3am and slowly each day she wakes earlier and earlier. And then randomly she goes back to sleeping until 5am. Whenever she wakes up she usually wants to eat. I am trying to wean her off of those night feedings slowly, but when Lauren wants to eat - she wants to eat! There is no convincing her otherwise. Luckily she *usually* goes right back to sleep until around 6:30am after she has a full tummy. She is always keeping me on my toes :)

Little lady is still THISCLOSE to crawling, but she just cant seem to make the leap. She's constantly on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth - she even shuffles her legs/knees around like she's going to start crawling...but inevitably she ends up back on her tummy, usually quite frustrated. I'm trying to leave little toys juuuust out of her reach to encourage her to take a move forward, but I don't think that her arms are quite strong enough to move herself forward. It's funny how much I cheer her on when I know that when she actually starts crawling it's going to make my life more difficult ;)

And, as I say every month, Lauren continues to be such a bright, shining light in our lives. Still so smiley, her cheeks even chubbier and her laugh ever more infectious.