Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thirty-five Weeks

We decided to take a semi-last minute mini vacation over the long Easter weekend. A "baby-moon" if you will - our last vacation before this family of two becomes a family of three.

Man was that a good idea.

On Saturday I turned Thirty-five Weeks and I felt every single day of it. I am getting to the point now where I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable most of the time. It is hard to sit/stand/walk/sleep for long (heck, even short) periods of time. That being said, I am still incredibly grateful to have only gained a minimal amount of weight and to not have to carry this baby through the heat of a Houston summer.

We headed west to Lake Austin Spa for our weekend trip - only a few hours away by car so I felt comfortable leaving the area. The spa was amazing (more on that this week over on The Traveling Cupcake) and while we were there I indulged in their Mama-to-be massage. It did wonders for my lower back and shoulder pain - I think I need one of these every day! As the only (heavily) pregnant woman at the resort we were quite a popular couple. Everyone was super nice and we received many well wishes. I can't get over how nice people are when you are pregnant! If people were this nice to each other ALL the time this world would be a different place, I'm telling you. Although I can't help wonder how nice the same people would be in a few months when I'm carrying around a screaming baby...hmmm....

Along with feeling like a balloon ready to pop I have been having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions. I usually have a few a day and didn't even realize what they were until a week or so ago. They aren't really that painful yet, mostly just uncomfortable. I had my 35 week check up today and baby girl is doing great! The Dr. said that I am measuring perfectly and have so far put on around 22 lbs. With only about four and a half weeks to go that puts me right on target for a very healthy and normal total weight gain (does that mean I can start indulging in a pint of ice cream every night??) I had been measuring the circumference of my belly once a week but during the chaos of the move I have lost my measuring tape. I'm interested to see how many inches I have put on since the last time I measured it over a month ago!

Starting next week I am going to see the Dr weekly - which is a sure sign that this thing is coming to an end soon! We start our Birthing classes this weekend and have a tour of the hospital as well. I'm excited for both - the hospital is brand new (my Dr delivered the first newborn to be born there a couple weeks ago) and I can't wait to see the facilities. On the agenda this week - Project Babies Room! We really need to get moving on setting up her room (just in case she decides to get here early) and now that we have most of the furniture here in the house we are ready to start assembling! Hopefully in the next week or two I will have some photos of her room to show you :)

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