Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thirty-seven Weeks

It's official - the baby is now full term! She can make her debut any day now and the doctor would be happy to deliver her. We would be happy to see her too, but I'm hoping she bakes for a little while longer.

We had our weekly checkup today and the doctor said there hasn't been any change from last week, other than I am measuring slightly smaller and lost a pound. The smaller measurement is due to the baby dropping and the weight loss is probably due to the fact that I have cut back on the number of cupcakes/cookies/ice cream I have everyday (unlike last week, oops). I could tell the baby dropped over the weekend as I can feel her movements much lower in my pelvis. She has been as active as ever - no rest for this little one! Because of her lower position her movements are downright painful sometimes. It doesn't really look like it from the outside but I swear she is lower!

Today is the day that I pack my hospital bag (I swear!) and tomorrow we are getting the car seat installed. And by that I mean I am going to attempt to buckle it in myself and then in going to have the fire department double check it for me. Never can be too sure :)

The last of the baby stuff arrived this week so now we are all ready for her arrival! It's comforting to know that she will definitely be here within the next month - whether she likes it or not! I wonder what day she will come...any guesses??

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  1. Yay!! So excited for you...can't wait to see pictures of the cuteness to come. :)