Monday, 30 April 2012

Thirty-eight Weeks

Today, is May 1st.

You know what that means?

There are 11 more days until my due date.
There are 12 more days until my 30th birthday.
There are also 12 more days until Mothers day.
There are 25 more days until my parents come to visit us in Houston.

May is going to be a busy month.

We had our 38 week checkup today and you know what they say - no news is good news. Nothing has really changed over the last couple of weeks which means they don't think the baby will be showing up early (thank goodness). If she can at least wait until next Monday then we will be happy campers. She can show up a few days early if she wants :)

What we do know is that the Dr won't really go past a week over the due date. So the longest we will have to wait to meet this little one is 18 more days!!

Oh - and we FINALLY finished the nursery!! Check back later this week for photos!

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