About me (and my little one!)

Hello there!

Welcome to my baby blog. I got hooked on blogging several years ago when my husband (then fiance) and I moved to London from NYC and I wanted a way to share our experiences and travels with our friends and family. In late September 2011 we found out the amazing news that we were expecting a baby! I immediately knew I wanted to start a separate baby blog for all things baby related...and here we are!

I'll be talking about lots of things - from pregnancy pains to food cravings to baby names and nursery decor. Be sure to check out my weekly updates for my progress, or check out the Week by Week page to see me grow from fifteen weeks up to forty!

Now that we have welcomed Kaitlin Louise to the world - there will be a whole new series of posts on this blog! I will be taking a weekly photo of Kaitlin to see how big she gets (much cuter than staring at my belly week after week) and we'll be talking about parenting ups and downs, lessons learned, babies development through her first year - and lots more!

Be sure to check out my original blog, The Traveling Cupcake, for all of my travel and baking adventures. Thanks for stopping by - hope to see you around real soon!


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I live in Italy and have a little girl about two months younger than Kaitlin. I always watch for which products you are using and see if I can order them online. Soon I will have family visiting and I really want them to bring us a bunch of books (in english) for my little one. Could you be so kind as to send me a list of ten or so of your favorite books for this age? It's really hard to know which books are worthwhile just looking on amazon...
    Thanks very much in advance!

    1. Hi Ann!
      Living in Italy - how wonderful! I am totally jealous right now :) I would love to give you some recommendations, although I have to say most of these are a bit more my preference than Kaitlin's. She will only sit down for 2-5 minutes to read a book, If I'm lucky. So the kinds of books we read are very limited. However, there are a few that I received as gifts that I think are wonderful and that she will enjoy more once she is older, so I've included them on this list as well.

      1. Any of the Indestructibles books, though Kaitlin loves Baby Faces and Baby Babble the best.

      2. Peekaboo Farm by Emily Bolam - this is hands down Kaitlins favorite book, chosen by her. It's only a few pages long and she LOVES finding the farm animals.

      3. But Not the Hippopotamus by Sandra Boyton - Kaitlin will sit through about half of this book so far, but I think it's quite cute and it rhymes which makes it easy to read to her even if she isn't sitting with me. We have a couple of her books and I personally love them.

      4. Each Peach Pear Plum - Kaitlin doesn't sit still for this one but I think its brilliant. It incorporates tons of childrens stories characters, so I think it will be great in another year or two and we can then read more sotires about the characters in the book

      5. On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman - I love the story in this book, K doesn't sit still for it but I stil always try to read it to her. I think it's such a sweet book and a cute message. Makes me a little teary :)

      And one more that I like but definitely won't be for Kaitlin until she is a bit older is Someday by Alison McGhee - warning it will make you cry! :) And lastly, try to get board books when you can! When she starts learning to turn pages it will keep her more interested and engaged since she can help out.

      Hope this helps!