Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Fifty Two

**Ok...I know. I know.

I know I am almost TWO WEEKS late in posting the very last photo in our Watch Me Grow series. Can I blame it on the grandparents? Can I blame it on Kaitlin skipping her naps? Can I blame it on... I actually drafted most of this post a few days after her actual birthday, so I'm going to leave that recap below. Now that Kaitlin is a year old I'm going to revise the Watch Me Grow series. While she is still growing like a weed, the changes aren't always apparent from week to week. Aannnddd I don't really have the time to post an update every week ;) So, from now on I will just be posting a monthly update, and am going to try and have a new "posed" shot so we can still track her growth. If I can get her to sit still for longer than .2 seconds I will try and put her in a chair or something...**

Once Kaitlin learned how to stand on her own she quickly progressed in her walking skills. It only took a couple of weeks to go from a few timid steps to almost running. She is still wobbly and falls down quite often, but she gets right back up and goes on her way. She LOVES to be "chased" around - all you have to do is say "I'm gonna get you!!" and she squeals with delight and "runs" away (more like walks really fast).

In addition to hanging out with Grammie and Pop-pop this week she also got a few more visitors - Grandma and Grandpa came to visit! Everyone came to town to be here for her first birthday. She is a lucky, lucky lady and has lots of love in her life! 

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