Sunday, 12 May 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Fifty One

Happy Mother's Day!

Week 51 brought a big new development for Kaitlin - she learned how to stand up on her own, without holding onto anything. This has been huge for her walking, she no longer crawls at all - maybe only once or twice a day at the most. Now that she can stand up whenever and wherever she wants, she is all about the walking!! She walks around and around and around - around in circles if she has to. I think her favorite thing to do is walk around the yard or the living room, usually in circles, holding onto her Paddington Bear and/or a graham cracker. Man, she loves graham crackers.

Grammie and Pop-pop came to visit us this week and she has had a great time getting to know them again. The last time she saw them was almost six months ago!! It took her a little while to warm up, but now she is happy as a clam hanging out with them. And why wouldn't she? They take her on walks, bring her to the park and spoil her with lots of presents.

We will have a few more visitors at the end of the week, just in time for her first birthday. One week from today she will be one!

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