Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Fifty

And the final countdown begins...two weeks until Kaitlin turns one. Are you sick of hearing me talk about it yet? *Update - by the time I had a chance to finish this post it is closer to a week and a half until her birthday...11 days to be exact*

Walking is now her number one mode of transportation, she walks way more than she crawls. I feel like over night she went from walking a little bit here and there, to full on walking all of the time. She is so much steadier on her feet, though she still falls a lot (mostly because she doesn't look where she's going). She also LOVES to carry things around while she walks, which is fun but doesn't help her much when she falls down. Usually she ends up face planting into the hardwood floor which doesn't feel great. With all this walking has come a lot of bumps, bruises and even a few bloody lips. If that's the extent of her injuries though I'll be happy!

Another new development over the last week or so has been her attachment to her lovey. Her attachment to the monkey got so intense that we had to start putting it away so that she could concentrate on walking, playing on the playground, pretty much do anything normal! I have started leaving it in her crib - or at the very least upstairs - to try and separate her from it a little bit. I know - what kind of mom am I?! I introduce a lovey to her in hopes that she get's attached to it so it can bring her comfort, and then once she is attached I take it away???!!! Not to worry - she has found a few other toys that she has become super attached to lately. She is also obsessed with a Paddington Bear stuffed animal that she has and her My First Purse that her great grandparents bought for her. As I mentioned above, in general she just loves to carry stuff around with her, I think it's probably pretty exciting as she has never been able to hold a toy and move around at the same time. 

And one last, kind of odd, development is Kaitlin's sense of urgency.  When she decides that she has/wants to do something, sometimes she has to do it RIGHT NOW. She will "hypervenilate" ie, breathe really fast several times, when trying to do something (eat, throw a toy, play with her favorite toys). It is really strange and I can't figure out where she learned how to do it. She will also react in a similar way when we are getting ready for naps and bed time. We usually go around the room and say "goodnight" to various objects and pictures on the wall. Well recently she began pointing to a couple of bears on her bookshelf and the birds on the wall decal and breathing really fast and making a noise that sounds like "quick, quick, QUICK MOM I HAVE TO POINT TO THESE GUYS AND GO AND SAY HELLO AND GIVE THEM A KISS!! HURRYYYYY!!!"

Needless to say I am hoping this development is just a phase :)

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