Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week 48 (and a half)

Man, I did so well getting last weeks update out on time, and here I am late again! Well, at least this time I have a good excuse.

Kaitlin had a big week last week. She was dealing with having a babysitter watch her during the day for the first time and she did NOT like it. I felt really bad with all the crying, runny noses and skipping meals (and that was just me! Just kidding...sort of). Slowly she seems to be adjusting. She is a really happy, friendly girl most of the time so I am hoping she is just taking a while getting to know this new sitter. 

She has two new obsessions that started last week - 
1. Reading her Peek-a-boo Farm book
2. Pointing to things around the room and then wanting to touch them

Both are actually really fun (the first few times at least...) and it's great to help teach her things (this is the light switch - it goes on, off, on, off) and to be able to sit down and read a book to her. Granted, the book is only 5 pages long and only contains about 20 words, but I'll take it!

She was on nap strike last week as well which made bedtime a nightmare and left her in an extra cranky mood for the sitter. All in all it was a tough week - but all the extra walking and talking (not to mention slobbery kisses that she excitedly gives out all the time now) make up for it :)

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