Monday, 15 April 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week 47

Week 47 was an exciting one - Kaitlin took her first steps!! On Sunday, April 7 Kaitlin took her first steps as her dad and I watched. She was playing in the living room and took a few, hesitant steps towards me and then fell into my arms. She didn't really seem to understand what had happened but her dad and I were cheering like crazy. Later than day she took 2-3 steps a couple more times (totaling around 12 steps that day. You know, roughly.) She continued to take a few steps here and there throughout the week. Now she was aware of what she was doing and was doing it on purpose. The most steps she took at one time this week was five - and they were five very deliberate steps. Kaitlin was standing on her own and I was encouraging her to walk towards me. She looked at me, then at her feet and then back at me - and then took one step. Then she looked back at her feet and took another step. And repeat. You could see the wheels turning in her head trying to figure out how to lift her legs without falling over, it was pretty great to watch. Most times when she is trying to walk she is doing it in a hurry and her top half moves a lot faster than her feet, which causes her to fall forward (sometimes right into the corner of her toys...yikes). But these were slow, cautious steps taken with a purpose.

You might wonder why I am giving so many details about her first steps. Honestly, it's for my own memory. While the details are still so fresh in my head I need to record them, as I know someday they will fade and all I will remember is the excitement about her first steps but none of the detail. That and the fact that we haven't been able to get her on video taking steps yet (as they are usually over right after they begin). Hopefully we will be able to record it soon and share with all of you!

This week also included a lot more talking from Miss K. She has been talkative for quite some time but it usually included long shrieks and screams along with strings of "dadadadada", and that was about it. One day this week I noticed she was "talking" to her toys. She was saying different types of babbling "words" (some long, some short, and using new "ya" "ga" and "oo" sounds) and was putting emphasis on different parts of her words. She also makes these sounds (words?) when pointing to things in the room or toys that she wants to play with. I think this is a big leap for her, language wise. You can definitely tell that she is trying to "talk" to you now, rather than just make noise. She even pointed to her ball and said "Da". I know that doesn't sound like much but I could tell that she was specifically calling that ball "da". 

And last but not least, on the last day of week forty-seven her seventh tooth finally popped through! I am hoping she finds relief soon from all that nagging teething pain.

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