Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Forty Six (and a half)

Apparently running late with these posts is the new normal...but at this point I'm just glad I remember to do them at all :)

It seems like ages ago now but week 46 brought Kaitlin her first Easter (since she technically turns a new week on Saturdays). Last week we also started swim lessons again. We took some time off as they were falling right in the middle of her morning nap (and we all know how sacred naps are around here). I was able to find another class at a different time and we started classes last week. On the plus side she didn't cry at all, which is a big improvement from the last time we were in lessons. On the negative side she didn't really do much of anything. I think it will take her a few classes to remember everything she learned previously - kicking, splashing, etc. One thing she do during her swim lesson was  get a bloody lip! Oops...that may have been a little bit my fault...

The drool monster is back and I can see her seventh tooth starting to push through. It's still sitting below the surface so irritability and drooliness are the name of the game. And Kaitlin continues to LOVE to throw herself backwards and bend backwards whenever she can. Daddy can flip her in the air and throw her on the bed a hundred times and she would never get sick of it. I, of course, have multiple heart attacks during that time...but as long as she's having fun... :)

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