Monday, 3 December 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty Eight Weeks

This little munchkin is getting ready for Christmas - are you??

If you're a regular around here you know that Kaitlin has been scooting, rolling and turning in circles for a few weeks now. She really wants to be mobile and she is super close to getting there. One day last week while we were playing she managed to lift her whole torso off the ground. It looked like she did one big, girlie push-up and then collapsed in a heap on the floor (kind of like me after I do one girlie push-up, heh). Later that day, when I was going to get her from her nap, I found her on her hands and knees in her crib! She has only managed to do each of those things a few more times since then, but I can tell she's getting stronger and starting to figure out that this is a step in the right direction. She is also super close to being able to push herself up to sitting from laying on the ground. Maybe I'll get her some baby dumb bells to work out those biceps - because once they are strong enough there won't be any stopping her!

In the mean time she continues to roll around constantly. She can now sit up by herself for longer periods of time. I am not using the Boppy to support her that much anymore. She has learned that if she falls over that it doesn't really hurt, provided she's on the carpet and not on the hardwood floor. That doesn't stop her from looking slightly nervous and startled when she does tip over, but she is pretty quick to recover (especially if we make a lot of noise like it is a good thing).

And finally - we had a swimming break through! We had her fourth lesson on Saturday and, even after a two week hiatus, she didn't hate it! She only fussed a few times - which was easily remedied by giving her a pool toy - and only cried after Brian dunked her under water a couple of times (rightfully so). We were shocked at how far she had come and even the teacher was giving us silent thumbs up (so we didn't jinx it). She's well on her way to becoming a little fish!

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