Monday, 17 December 2012

Watch Me Grow - Thirty Weeks

There isn't a regular Watch Me Grow photo this week while we are visiting with friends and family, but there is still lots of exciting stuff to report! Kaitlin is LOVING being around her family and is being spoiled rotten. On Saturday she turned thirty weeks and has found a new favorite pastime - standing up! Now, she can't really stand on her own but she is getting very good at pulling herself up by holding onto your fingers. She can hold onto the couch by herself, albeit a bit wobbly, and if she can see your hands she will try and grab them and stand right up. Suddenly sitting wasn't exciting enough - and you can forget about laying down! She is getting better and better at pushing herself up to sitting from laying down and is finally doing it outside of her crib. She is also getting better at being on her hands and knees but still can't hold herself up for very long.

This past week I took my first solo flight with Kaitlin and man was it hard! But overall we had a great trip and Kaitlin was a rockstar. All the flight attendants loved her - even more so since she didn't really cry at all on either flight! While flying by myself with her won't top any of my 'favorite things to do' lists at least now I know I can do it :)

My gut says that she has been majorly teething over the last couple of weeks but I haven't seen anymore teeth pop through. Hopefully they come through soon so that she can have a little relief! On Saturday she was lucky enough to meet her other set of great-grandparents. They absolutely adored her and we all had a wonderful time together. I will post a full story and photos later this week. Here are a couple fun shots from this past week!

playing with friends at her first cookie swap
early morning flight

furry baby boots!

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