Monday, 10 December 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty Nine Weeks

Super late, as usual. Such is life as a new mom I suppose. Speaking of which - how much longer am I allowed to use the excuse that I'm a "new" mom? So what my daughter is almost seven months old - wait, what?! I am most definitely, probably still going to use that excuse when she is 15.

I can't even get her to stay still for 5 seconds so I can take a photo. On Saturday she absolutely, positively did NOT want to lay on her back long enough for me to take a photo. Thanks a lot kid. And since I'm doing this post on my phone (wayyy too lazy to go all the way downstairs to get the computer) I couldn't even make a speech bubble for this one. Not that I would have any place to put it since her head is barely even in this picture. So this weeks photo kind of stinks.

Last week Kaitlin learned how to sit up from laying down. And since she figured that out it is ALL that she wants to do. But she only does it when she's in her crib. Which is infinitely more exciting than taking a nap, obviously. So, not a lot of day sleeping going on in this house. I thought I saw one of her top teeth pop through last week but it quickly disappeared. I thought I was going mad but now I have heard from a few people of these mysterious disappearing teeth, so maybe I'm not so wacky after all ;)

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