Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Great Grandparents

The last time we came to New York with Kaitlin she met her first set of great grandparents, my maternal grandparents. This time around she was able to meet her second set of great grandparents, my paternal grandparents. Until recently they lived in Arizona, and I know I speak for the whole family when I say that we are all so glad to have them back in New York (even though, now, I am not in New York). Kaitlin is their fifth great grandchild - how amazing is that?! They have seven children, ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Just amazing. I hope I am as blessed as they are and have a big, full family. 

Although I cannot imagine for one second having seven children. 

Two is a stretch. 

The more I think about it I'm pretty sure Kaitlin will make a great only child. So much for a big family.

Anyway - back to my story. 

They have been anxious to meet her from the day she was born. Their love, joy and excitement was immeasurable. It had been at least three years since the last time I saw them so it was exciting for me as well. Out of all their great grandchildren Kaitlin is the first girl. And there is just something different about little girls.

I told my grandma about how Kaitlin loves music. She loves music boxes and her xylophone and the album of classical music that I play for her. Grandma had the great idea to let Kaitlin play on their organ, and she loved it. She didn't quite understand what was going on at first but quickly learned that when she pressed down on the keys that it would make a noise. Grandma played a couple short songs for her and Kaitlin just loved it.

I feel so very, very blessed in this little life of mine. And during times like these I feel so blessed I could just about burst. I am so thankful that Kaitlin has had an opportunity to meet all of my grandparents, her great grandparents. Although she won't have memories of meeting them (or anyone) during the first couple of years of her life, I will have these pictures and there will be stories from me and my parents. Hopefully she will meet them many, many more times and they will be a part of her life for years to come.

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