Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Twenty-six Weeks

So here we are at twenty-six weeks. Only two more weeks until the end of my second trimester and two and a half weeks until we move to Texas. It is crazy how time flies and stays still at the same time!

Baby C's ears are developing more and more and her hearing (although muffled) is improving. I talk to the baby every day. At first I felt really silly talking to a little beach ball belly, but now I love it. I update her on my day and what's going on Trying not to get caught at work is the trickiest part!

Last week I felt the babies foot for the first time when she was kicking me. Up until then all of her mighty kicks and punches felt like little taps coming from inside my belly. But last Wednesday night I felt a very distinct poking feeling near my belly button. Sure enough I could feel a hard little bump when I put my hand there! She only had it there for a second but it was really exciting. Since then I have felt more and more pokes and less taps. Soon enough I'll be able to distinguish which pokes are from a fist and which are from a foot!

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