Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Twenty-two Weeks

Here I am! I noticed that between weeks twenty to almost twenty-two it seemed like my belly was literally growing overnight. I could feel my skin getting really tight - you know when you feel really full and it seems like your stomach is going to burst? It kind of felt like that (cute, right?).  Luckily, I think some of that has slowed down now. I feel a bit more comfortable and haven't notice any "overnight pops" in the last couple of days.

I can still feel our baby girl kicking almost every day. Some days I feel her more than others, which is completely normal considering how small she is still! According to the books this week she is approximately 11" long and weighs in close to one pound. When we had our twenty week scan the doctor estimated that she weighed about 13 oz (about 3 oz more than the book estimates), so I bet she is definitely tipping the scales at one pound this week! Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she's even developing little tooth buds this week.

It honestly amazes me to read all the developments that our baby goes through each week. It is fascinating to learn about each step she goes through along the way. It really is amazing what the human body can do - it's no wonder they call it the miracle of life!