Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Twenty-three Weeks

It seems I spoke too soon. This weekend it happened again. I felt that familiar tightening around the belly and when I woke up in the morning - POP! It seemed I had grown three sizes. I have yet to measure the bump this week, I'm a little afraid to see what the tape measure says!

Baby girl is still kicking me a lot. She woke me up at 4:30 am over the weekend and was kicking like a maniac for the next 4+ hours! But the couple of days afterward she was pretty quiet. She must have tired herself out! According to the book weeks 24-28 tend to be the busiest kicking weeks, as the baby grows from one lb to two lbs they are nice and strong, but still small enough to do a full range of acrobatics. It's been so fun watching her learn to kick an move more often and with more force. Brian can feel her kick nearly all the time now, if he can get is hand there fast enough! I anticipate the next few weeks will be just as exciting!

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