Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Twenty-five weeks

What's baby up to this week? Well this eggplant sized little lady is growing up a storm! Nearly every time she kicks now I can see my belly move - its usually more interesting to watch than TV (well...for me at least)! When she really gets going it's easy to think there is some kind of alien in there trying to get out! Is that wrong to say...? Oh well.

While we were visiting our new home town last week one of the major things on our agenda was to find a new doctor and hospital to deliver at. We are very fortunate to be moving someplace that has dozens (literally) of fantastic hospitals to chose from and probably thousands of equally amazing doctors. The only hard part is narrowing it down and choosing one! We finally made a decision on both and while we were in town the new doc wanted me to get a sonogram so she has something on record of our baby girl. This was a real treat because we wont get to see our baby very often for the rest of the pregnancy. The technician confirmed a clean bill of health and estimated that she was up to 1lb and 11ozs! Thats my girl!

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