Sunday, 31 March 2013

Baby's First Easter

Happy Easter!

Last weekend our town held an Easter and Arbor Day festival. Despite the overcast and rainy weather we brought Kaitlin over to meet the Easter Bunny! She was less than enthused and a little confused. I think she made the same face when she met Santa! I wonder if she will cry next year when meeting both of them since she'll be a little bit older and more aware of what's going on.

Kaitlin celebrated her first Easter today, although I have to admit it wasn't super Easter-y. After her morning nap we dressed her up in her Easter dress - an adorable dress her Grammie got for her made from a vintage hankie - and gave her her Easter basket. I think she was a little confused as to what it was and why she was given it, but it only took her a couple seconds to start grabbing at all the goodies!

 She's too young for dying eggs and too young for an egg hunt, so really the basket was we only thing we had for her to do. The Easter Bunny brought her a stuffed bunny, an Easter book and a chocolate bunny (which, ehem, we might have to take care of for her). There were also a few Cheerio filled Easter eggs and two Indestructibles books from her Grandma and Grandpa Miller. She had fun playing all afternoon with her new toys - overall I think it was a success!

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