Monday, 18 March 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Forty Three

Can we all pause and take a moment to notice how clear and sharp this weeks picture is? Thank you. I forgot the power of an iPhone. Genius.

Last week started off cold and ended pretty warm - Kaitlin was dressed in everything from a winter parka (OK, I might have over reacted to how cold it really was) to a bathing suit and didn't seem to mind at all. These last couple of weeks have been more of the same thing - lots of crawling, standing and cruising. No walking yet but I swear she is close. Oh, and there has been lots and lots of talking. Ok, more like screaming/blabbering/screeching, but you get the point. Kaitlin's personality is really starting to come out and we are loving what we see so far. She has been so much fun - laughing and playing - this truly is the golden age of babies. 

She loves to be chased around the ottoman and scared - peek-a-boo is still her favorite game. She loves to be flipped upside down by her dad and "thrown" down onto our bed in a pile of pillows and blankets. More and more she wants to crawl on top of and over things, so I have started putting pillows and cushions down on the floor for her to crawl over (as much fun as it is to have her climb on top of me all the time, it's nice not to have her grab onto my hair to pull herself up sometimes).

She's still only saying one word - more and more "dada's" - but this weekend she started saying, "mmmmmmm" when she's eating. That's the first step!! So now I'm on a full court press to teach her how to say "mama". Watch this space ;)

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  1. It will not be too long when every cushion on your coach will be a foundation for a FORT! Out comes the sheets, pillows and toys!! So much fun.