Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Forty Two

Do you know what this post means? It means that there are only TEN WEEKS until my baby turns ONE.


I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

Yup, I had to resort back to the bottle of medicine to get her to lay still. Lady acts like she's got ants in her pants! I have really been slacking on these weekly updates - hindsight tells me I should have stuck to more manageable monthly posts rather than weekly, but we've come this far I can't back out now! 

Kaitlin is coming further and further along with her attempts at walking. She's started taking her stroller for walks - she holds on to the basket underneath and pushes it along. I have to help, otherwise it goes flying forward, but it's a fun little twist on our usual walks. She can make it as far as the neighbors house and then she usually sits down (which is when I put her in the stroller seat and we continue onward).

Last week she also learned how to point to things. From what I can tell only some of the time she is pointing to something that she wants/sees, the other times she is just pointing indiscriminately. She is also lifting her arms and reaching upwards when she wants to be picked up. It is super cute right now, I wonder how long the novelty will last.... ;)

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