Monday, 5 November 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty Four Weeks

In two weeks Kaitlin will be turning six months old. SIX MONTHS OLD.

I'm going to go hide under the covers and cry. How did she get to be so big?! She had her first Halloween this week and seemed to love it (ie didn't throw a fit when I made her wear a costume for a good part of the day). Besides the chaos of Halloween we laid low the rest of the week. We spent a lot of time outside since the weather is cooling down a bit and she loves it. She loves to look at the trees and the shadows from the sun, and she loves listening to the fountain that's in our backyard. Another thing she loves is looking out the window. Whenever she wakes up in the morning or from a nap I take her to the windows in her room and open up the curtains and we say "good morning" to everything outside. We say good morning to the sun, the sky, the trees, the neighbors - anything that we can see. She absolutely loves looking out the window. She reaches for the windowpane and just stares, stares, stares taking it all in. 

This weekend she had her first swimming lesson! Our community pool has a program that starts with babies as young as six months old (sshhhhh - she's a little early! Just kidding, the instructor knows she's a little underage) and Brian took her for her first lesson on Saturday. I was gutted that I couldn't be there (but SO excited to be working again) but so excited for them to go. He said that she did pretty well and had fun in the water splashing around and singing songs. The only part she didn't like was when they blew bubbles in the water, which caused her to have a little meltdown. Considering that was her first time I think she did great! I can't wait to go with them in a couple of weeks.

ps - she's getting to be really good at sitting up on her own :)


  1. That's crazy! I can't believe Liam and Kaitlin are both turning 6 months so sooooon! They need to slow down. ;-) But, look at her! Already sitting up! Liam can do it assisted, but definitely not on his own. I can't get him to sit with his legs bent. He always wants to have them stick straight, which doesn't help his balance any. Haha!
    crackers & carrots

    1. I know - it's going by too fast! Haha that is so cute - with his legs straight he's going to go right to standing! I've found the Boppy has been a HUGE help getting her to sit up, almost more than the Bumbo

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