Monday, 26 November 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty Seven Weeks

Happy belated Thanksgiving! It was a crazy week over here and I am just now beginning to catch my breath. On Saturday this little munchkin turned 27 weeks old!

We started off the week with her six month check up at the doctors. It went good and bad. Good because she is now in the 25% for weight (Woohoo! Up from 15% at her four month appointment). Her doctor was very happy and encouraged us to start with solid foods now that she weighs a bit more. She also checked on her TWO teeth - thats right there are TWO of them in there now! - and said that overall she is in great shape. It went poorly because she had to get five inoculations; four shots and one oral. Believe it or not it was the oral one that set her off and got her upset and then the four jabs in her thighs didn't help much. It was one tearful walk home, thats for sure.

But she soon perked up because Grammy and Pop-pop were here! She LOVED having them around and was showered with attention and affection for five days straight, she was so spoiled! Kaitlin has been super smiley lately (if that's even possible) and I'm sure their visit had something to do with it. Grammy got to help feed her some solid food, we went on lots of walks and had a wonderful Thanksgiving together.

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