Monday, 19 November 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty Six Weeks

Twenty six weeks...that's half of a year. How is it possible that Kaitlin is 6 months old already??

Week 26 was a big one - ladies and gentlemen we have a TOOTH! After four months of me thinking that she was teething she finally actually was! I felt her first tooth pop through on Friday afternoon and on Saturday I could see it poking out of her bottom gums. I thought something was going on midway through the week when she refused to take her afternoon nap. Now I know that I complain about her naps (or lack there of) a lot, but I can usually get her to take some sort of nap eventually. But for a couple of days she was just plain skipping her afternoon nap all together. That combined with chewing on EVERYTHING in sight and being a little bit more fussy than usual, I thought she might be getting a tooth since this time it's actually age appropriate for her to be teething. And wouldn't you know on Friday she actually was! I couldn't believe it. She's like a real baby now...and she's starting to grow up so fast!

I got to go to swim class with her and Brian on Saturday and finally understood what he meant about her not liking it. She really does not like it. Like, at all. Pretty much from the minute we got in the water with her she started crying and didn't stop for longer than a couple minutes at a time until we got out. Once we got home she was all smiles! The teacher said it's normal for babies her age not to like the water, but with time they usually start to like it. The biggest thing is for us to keep going so she gets used to it. I might start taking her during the week during open swim times to help get her used to it. I can sing all the same songs with her that we do in class so that they become even more familiar to her.

I feel like so much else happened this week that my tiny brain just can't remember - this is why I write everything down! ALSO! We started solid food this weekend! Technically we started it during week 27 but I probably won't be able to remember that by Saturday, so I'll fill you in now. It was hilarious. She seemed to LOVE it at first - lunging towards the spoon with oatmeal baby cereal on it, chomping away. She still had that blank stare that is her signature look, not really showing any emotion, but since she wasn't crying that pretty much means she loves it. And then she realized what was happening. She realized that the pretty green spoon wasn't being put in her mouth to ease her aching gums, no! There was a weird, tasteless mush on that spoon and it was being put in her mouth - gross!! Then she started making some funny faces and protesting. All in all I think it was a big success. We'll keep trying little by little and she'll get there.

Tiny brain just remembered one more thing that happened on Saturday (Saturday was a big day, in case you couldn't tell). We went out to brunch and Kaitlin sat in a high chair all by herself! I know that I am pretty much the only one who is excited about this but it was a big moment! We usually keep her in her carseat when we go out to eat, or let her sit on our laps while we wait for our food to come. Since she is getting so much better at sitting up on her own we put her in the high chair and let her hang out there for a while. We couldn't strap her in quite as tight as we do at home, but she did a great job sitting on her own. 

I'll be sharing some photos of her eating and other fun stuff in her Six Month post that I hope to get out in the next day or two. 

This is going to be another big week. Kaitlins first Thanksgiving, a visit from Grammie and Pop-pop, her 6 month doctors appointment (and more shots) and lots more fun stuff. Happy (early) Thanksgiving everyone!

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