Monday, 26 November 2012

What We're Lovin' - Six Months

As Kaitlin gets older her personality and preferences are starting to come out more and more. She is starting to show interest in some things more than others. I thought it might be fun to highlight things that she (and I) are loving every once and a while. Kaitlin just turned six months old last week, so these items are good for babies from around 4-5 months and older. Where possible I have tried to include a link to where you can buy these items too!

This is Kaitlin's favorite toy to date. It makes a soft rattle noise (without being too loud of obnoxious like some of her other rattles) and is super soft. She absolutely loves to chew on the bunnies ears, legs and feet. Poor bunny has been through the wash more times than I can count! I love it because the soft chime noise is easy on the ears and it is small enough to bring with us everywhere we go. This was given to me as a gift and it looks like it's only available in the UK/Europe. JellyKitten is a range under the very popular  Jellycat brand.

Rainforest Jumperoo
Kaitlin has been in the Jumperoo since she was about three months old. At the time her feet couldn't reach the ground and she didn't really know how to jump, but she LOVED being able to be upright and look around. She started off slowly, touching her feet to the ground and playing with one or two of the toys. But within no time she was jumping around like a crazy person and playing with all of the toys and gadgets. Since Kaitlin is super active (I swear she doesn't stop moving) this is a perfect toy for her. And it gives me some time to get things done around the house with both hands - I can leave her in it for 15-20 minutes before she cries out for me. This was, by far, one of the best items that I registered for. We have been getting so much use out of it and she is still on the lowest height setting, which means she still has lots of time to grow into it!

I like to make bath time fun but it also has to be relaxing. Since we give Kaitlin her bath right before bed time I don't want to wind her up too much. I have been using California Baby almost from the beginning and love it. The light lavender scent of the Calming series is just perfect for getting ready for bed. It is all natural and non-drying which means it is safe to use every day without irritating her soft, baby skin. And since it is made from all natural ingredients I don't have to worry when Kaitlin sticks a bubble-coated hand or foot into her mouth. It might not taste good but I know it won't hurt her. And perhaps the most fun thing about this bubble bath is that it comes with a bubble wand! Kaitlin goes back and forth between loving and hating bubbles (depending on how tired she is when she's in the bath) but for the most part she is intrigued by them and loves to watch them float around the bathroom. It's probably the most expensive bubbles I'll ever buy, but I think it's a cute touch to add the wand, making bath time even more fun for babies and for parents. 

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