Sunday, 29 July 2012

Watch Me Grow - Ten Weeks

As I mentioned last week there won't be a lamb mat photo this week since we are still on vacation. But I have a few super cute shots to make up for it! We are learning that Kaitlin is a little social butterfly. We always knew she was super alert and drinks in everything that is going on around here. And now that she has met a million friends and family members (with many more to come this week!) she loves to be around people. She is super social and behaves incredibly well around a lot of people. My parents had a party on her 10 Week birthday and she was a superstar. She had lots of people in her face and she totally handled it in stride. I was even able to get her down for two naps and she slept 8 hrs in a row that night - which means that she isn't getting as overstimulated as she used to!

Other big developments this week - she discovered her hands and feet and went for her first long car ride. She rocked the car ride (all 5.5 hrs of it), only crying when it was time to eat or be changed. I'm feeling so much more confident about taking her out in the car by myself now without a meltdown! And she has put rolling over on hold now that she has discovered her hands and feet. She's noticing her hands a lot more than her feet since they are closer to her eyes, but when she is sitting up she can't stop staring at her feet. Her hands are constantly in front of her face/eyes/mouth and she just stares and stares at them (sometimes all cross eyed if they are too close to her, which is pretty hilarious). She has been "talking" a ton to grandma and grandpa (and she LOVES talking to her daddy).

So far I'd say she's having a pretty good vacation!

"talking" to daddy

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