Monday, 9 July 2012

Watch Me Grow - Seven Weeks

I have heard from many friends and read in many books that the six week mark is a turning point for infants. They become less fussy, start to smile and start sleeping longer at night. Two friends recently told me that their infants, once they hit the six week mark, turned over a new leaf and were practically brand new babies.

I am still waiting for the elusive "Six Week Change" to hit my little one. Sure, she is smiling a lot more and even sleeping longer at night. But the fussiness? The crying? Has that decreased at all? Not one bit. In fact, I might even venture to say that it has gotten worse over the last week and a half. 


It's a good thing she's cute :)

(as you can see from this photo she was not in a good mood on her seven week birthday)

If you read my post this week on The Art of Napping you know about our trouble getting Kaitlin down for naps during the day. I am trying a new strategy to get her down for naps that goes along with the eat/wake/sleep routine (I use that term loosely) that we have set up. I am only on day two (day one was a HUGE success and day two is a disaster zone so far) so after a few more days I'll report back how/if it's working.

On a happier note Kaitlin has started "talking" WAY more than she used to. Literally overnight she started cooing, go-gahing and blubbering 10x more than the day before. We have "conversations" about what she is going to wear that day and she tells me lots of stories. When you combine this with her smiling back to me when I smile at her (sometimes she even starts the smiling first!) and you have one happy mom. When she is in good moods like this (usually when her tummy is full) I want to just eat her up!

We had a big day on July 4th. Our neighborhood put has an annual July 4th Bike Parade from the elementary school to the pool. Kids (and adults) are encouraged to decorate their bikes/wagons/strollers in red, white and blue and participate in the parade. It ends at the community pool where there is a BBQ, music and of course lots of fun in the pool for the little ones! Kaitlin managed to sleep through most of the parade (of course - the ONE time she actually falls asleep in the stroller!) but we had a great time being a part of the celebration.

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  1. Aww, she's gorgeous! I can't believe how much she's changed and grown! :D