Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Watch Me Grow - Nine Weeks

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of Kaitlin on her lamb mat this week - or next week for that matter. We are on vacation and the lamb mat didn't make the cut, I had enough stuff in my suitcase as it was! Man, packing for traveling with a baby is tough! It's a good thing she's so small right now and hardly needs any toys to play with, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when she gets older!

Kaitlin went on her first plane ride last on Friday and was a super star. She slept for almost half of it and barely made a peep the rest of the time. She even did awesome in the car ride from the airport to the lake, we lucked out big time!

Last week she also had her two month checkup. She weighs a whopping 10lb 1.6oz and measures 23" long! She's growing fast that's for sure! She had to get three shots for her immunizations and I was super nervous. The last time we had a check up she screamed the entire time, and this time she had to be jabbed with needles?!?! She has been such a good baby lately because she didn't make one peep during the whole check up and when she got her shots she only cried for a few minutes - and I don't blame her!

I may be speaking too soon but I think our "6 week turning point" has finally arrived. Since her 8 week birthday last week she has been amazing. She has been sleeping great (most of the time, she's still a baby after all) and even started to try and roll over all on her own. Naps are going well and she's sleeping really well at night. She has met a ton of people since being on vacation and has handled it all really well. This mom is nothing but smiles lately :)

Here are a few vacation pics of the little one - see you next week!

being a superstar on her first flight!

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