Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thirty-three (and a half!) Weeks

I have a very good excuse for posting my photo super late this week. It has something to do with moving into our new house. And having the contractors still working on it. And having to unpack boxes before the rest of our boxes arrive from London (tomorrow). And...

I could go on - but enough excuses! Here she is, all 33.5 weeks of her!

I think dresses (and horizontal stripes) make the bump look bigger than it actually is, but friends and family who saw me last week can give you a real opinion! We had another check up this week with the doctor and Baby C is doing great. The nurse even commented on how much she was moving around when she was trying to get her heart rate - she wouldn't sit still! The baby should be around 4.5-5 lbs now and about 18" long. Pretty much a full size baby! Just a few more pounds to pack on before her arrival and she is ready to go. Hopefully she doesn't decide to show up too early - her room isn't ready yet! We should be getting her crib next week and the changing table has already arrived. We are just waiting on a few more items and soon she'll have a place to call her own.

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