Monday, 5 December 2011

Seventeen Weeks - POP!

Lately I feel like every time I look down, my belly is bigger than the last time I looked. I know that's going to keep happening for, oh ya know, about the next 23 weeks (give or take) but its still a surprise to me every time. When I look in the mirror head on I dont usually notice anything different. But when I catch myself from the side I always stop and stare.

Which is particularly awkward when I'm in the elevator at work and someone gets on and finds me staring at my belly in the reflection.

Seventeen weeks!
I've added a new feature on The Mini Traveling Cupcake!  After I post my weekly photo update Ill be adding each photo to the new Week by Week page.  We can watch my belly grow together!

Are you still here?

Hopefully that didn't scare you away :)

See you at week eighteen!