Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pregnancy Pains

As you know (if you have been pregnant before) or have probably heard (if you have ever known anyone who is/was pregnant) - pregnancy comes with a lot of weird aches and pains and changes in your body. The ones you hear about the most are probably aching backs, sore/swollen feet and stretch marks.

However - (If you have been pregnant before you will know what I mean) - there is a lot more to it than that! Random things start hurting or changing that you never read in any of your pregnancy books. Things like your tailbone start hurting and shooting pains will go through your pelvis and hips at the most random of times.

And if you're like me your belly button will hurt.

Yes, your belly button.

And no, it's NOT connected to the baby.

image curtesy of BabyExpert.com 
The first time I ever experienced this I was confused, and surprised! At first it felt sore around my belly button, and I thought it was just my stomach being tender.  When I mentioned something to Brian about it he promptly poked me right in the belly button (thanks hun!) and I screamed in pain! It really hurt! I thought it was a one off thing, one of those weird random growth pains. 

But no.

I think this might become a regular occurrence now as it has happened a few times. Sometimes it hurts so bad I have to get up and walk around for a minute just to change positions. I checked with my doctor just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong and she assured me it was perfectly normal.

Normal?? Ok doc, if you say so!

Apparently there is a ligament that runs from your belly button behind your uterus that gets stretched out as your belly grows, which is what causes the tenderness and soreness in your belly button. Ouch!

So for now I am just trying to pay attention to when my belly button feels sore so that it doesn't catch me off guard again. It was fine to scream in my husbands face the first time but random strangers might not like that... :)

Have you had any weird pregnancy pains that they don't tell you about? Leave me a comment I would love to hear about them!


  1. It was a shocker when my leg went completely numb and I fell over. Oh yeah good times. sciatic pain can be considered normal, but because my leg kept going numb I had to do PT as much as possible. My belly button hurt too, you aren't alone. Love ya!

  2. I don't remember having any abnormal or weird pains (isn't it crazy, it wasn't that long ago but I still can't remember, lol), but I definitely had all the typical ones you mentioned, just not the belly button. I had severe swelling of the feet/ankle region though, ugh! =p