Thursday, 29 December 2011

We're Having...??

Today we had our twenty week scan. Not only did we get a head to toe check up of our baby but we also got to find out the sex! So...what are we having??

That's right - we're having a baby girl!

Our baby had a wonderful check up - she has long legs (already!) and is growing big and strong. We were so relieved to get the good news, first and foremost we wanted to make sure baby was healthy. And we couldn't be more excited to find out that its a girl. I can't wait to shop for this little peanut, I see many tutu skirts in her future :)

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  1. YYAAAYYYYY!!! Girls RULE!! I have been checking your blog all afternoon for this post haha. Can't wait to go shopping for little girl Cepelak!! :o)