Monday, 11 February 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Thirty Eight

I have figured out the key to success of taking a still photo of Kaitlin - give her a bottle of medicine to play with.

That sounds really bad, doesn't it? This particular bottle is only Highlands Teething Tablets, an all natural remedy for teething discomfort. I know I shouldn't let her play with them, in case it comes open and such...but when if it keeps her still for longer than 15 seconds I'm all for it. I fully plan on replacing the tablets with rice or small pebbles and super gluing the heck out of it once it's empty. (Which will be  in no time at all considering all the shaking she does the tables have pretty much disintegrated)

This week! More standing! More crawling! More "dadadadadadada". Not one "mama". It's ok, I'm not keeping track...We did lots of playing outside and lots of swinging this week. There is a time in the afternoon when it's too late for a nap but too early for bed when Kaitlin tends to get a bit cranky. I find this is the best time to take a walk and go to the playground. She LOVES watching the other kids play and run around and is still obsessed with going on the swings. It distracts her just long enough until it's time for dinner and a bath. Perfect.

This week she learned how to look under things - under the couch, under the ottoman, etc - and loves playing peek-a-boo under there. We play this game where I peek around a corner of the ottoman and she chases me around and around it. It tires her (and me) out and is a sure fire way to get her to take a nap. She also learned that it's fun to arch backwards and often tries to do it while you're holding her. Which will keep you on your toes as she could flip out backwards at any time. The good thing about all of these discoveries (besides the look of absolute joy on her face) is that she is getting to an age and stage where she can "rough house" a little. We can chase her around and tickle her and she thinks its fun and hilarious. We can "push" her down and tease her with toys and she plays right along. Until she gets sick of it and it ends in tears. It's all fun and games until someone starts to cry.

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