Monday, 4 February 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Thirty Seven

Woohoo! I did it! A photo of her laying down on the lamb mat without being totally blurry! 

*happy dance*

Week 37 was super fun - Kaitlin's new friend (and my old friend) Maggie came to visit and she had a blast! They got along great and I was happy to see Maggie too. During week 37 Kaitlin "officially" started saying "Dada". She had been saying long strings of "dadadadadadada" for a little while now but last week she started saying short and clear "Dada". 

You're welcome kid for carrying you around in my belly for 41 weeks and taking care of you all the days. No biggie. No really, it's fine. Feel free to start practicing those "M" sounds any day now.

(I'm kidding, even though she is saying "dada" she still doesn't know what it means. So my feeling aren't too hurt ;)

Kaitlin also started trying to stand on her own. One time she even stood for a solid five seconds all by herself. She is getting closer and closer to walking. Our furniture in the den is a bit high for her to "cruise" along it but she can pull herself up and go between ottoman and couch/chair. All she really has to do is turn around but it takes her some time to figure it out. She is still practicing walking with her empty diaper box and has started using the other two walking toys that we have on her own. She has gotten many bumps, bruises and even a bloody lip, but that is the dangerous life of a baby, I suppose. We're keeping plenty of Baby Advil on hand for headaches and bruises (not to mention the continued mega-teething).

Another fun thing Kaitlin discovered last week is that she can chew/teeth on her crib. I went to get her from a nap and discovered that my cute little baby had been replaced with a little beaver! The three lowest rails on her crib are covered in bite marks. I've just ordered some teething bumpers and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. That crib needs to last her as long as possible - I don't need her chewing it apart before her first birthday!

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