Monday, 18 February 2013

Watch Me Grow - Week Thirty Nine

Week thirty nine was a favorite of mine. You see, right before Kaitlin is going to go through a growth spurt she sleeps - a lot. This was one of those weeks. She continued her 12 hours sleep at night and added in some epic naps. She never fought me when going to sleep, she slept for one, two and almost three hours at a time. It was pure bliss. And just as I was getting used to having all the extra time on my hands and actually being productive...BAM! The epic naps end. And then, not only are the long naps done, many times naps in general are gone due to milestones and/or a growth spurt.

So, this week coming up will be interesting ;)

Week 39 also brought us a bad case of separation anxiety. Its been building for a little while now but this week was the worst so far. At least, I think it's separation anxiety. Kaitlin is generally a pretty happy girl - lots of smiles, babbling and laughing. But lately she has been more whiny, cries more often and is quiet - almost sullen sometimes. It used to be that if I left the room she would protest and whine a little. Then it turned into cries and yelling when I left the room. Now I don't even have to leave the room - even if I go behind the kitchen counter or am at the table when she is on the floor is enough to get her to start whining and crying. I definitely think some of the crying has to do with all the bumps and bruises she gotten from standing/cruising/trying to walk and I'm sure she feels pretty frustrated too. I think some of it also might be contributed to teething. Her top front middle teeth have been sitting right under the surface of her gums for weeks now. It almost looks like they have come in but they still haven't broke through. I can't imagine that's very comfortable for her.

I almost forgot the biggest and most exciting development this week! She learned how to climb up the stairs! Normally she isn't allowed by the stairs but we figured she might as well learn now since she is such a busy body. Well we hardly had to teach her anything. She scrambled up them faster that I would have ever guessed! It's been a great activity to help get some of her energy out and get her nice and tired for naps and bedtime. I am trying to teach her how to go down the stairs as well, but every time I get her down one step she climbs right back up it! She is so incredibly proud of herself when she finally gets to the top - she starts squealing and crawling all around laughing. It probably helps that we make a big deal out of it - clapping, cheering and such - and I love the little look on her face.

And last but not least during this last week Kaitlin celebrated her very first Valentine's Day! I'm pretty sure we spoil her with lots of love, hugs and kisses every day and Valentine's Day was no exception :)

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