Monday, 28 January 2013

Watch Me Grow - Thirty Six Weeks

Week 36 brought more and more crawling. She finally seems to like crawling, realizing that she can get pretty far by doing it. She learned how to stand up under the bar stools in our kitchen which is both exciting and terrifying for her. She is just a hair taller than the space underneath them so she has to bend over a little which frustrates her. When she stands up there she goes back and forth between smiling and crying - it's pretty entertaining actually. She also proved to us, yet again, that the best toys are often ones that cost nothing. Just like she finds endless amusement tearing up old magazines and catalogues, she found great joy in pushing around an empty boy of diapers. Suddenly the two "walker" toys that we have are gathering dust in the corner. The box will eventually disintegrate because of all the drool that falls on it, so I know that her actual toys will get used again, but for now it's her new favorite toy. 

I was surprised that I managed to get a photo of her laying down this week, but it is so blurry it kind of makes my eyes hurt. One of these days you're going to see a photo of her laying down with my foot on her tummy to hold her in place :) She ate lots of new foods last week - including a pork chop! It was great for her, she could hold the bone and gnaw on the meat attached. She LOVED it. She is also currently obsessed with nectarines, super ripe and super sweet. She can eat almost a whole nectarine by herself, which is a lot considering she doesn't usually ingest that much food when she's eating. I am still shocked that she hasn't had any new teeth come in...the drool is flowing like a river after a storm, chewing on her teeth is at an all time high and she's even been a bit cranky (which isn't like her normal, smiley self!) - hopefully it/they break through soon to give her some relief.

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