Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Watch Me Grow - Thirty Four Weeks

I think it is pretty safe that say that it is highly unlikely that I will ever get another photo of Kaitlin laying down on her lamb mat for these updates. Hindsight - being 20/20 and all - says that I should have sat her up when we first started these updates. At the time laying down was much easier...oh well, you live and you learn!

Week 34 brought us Kaitlin's FOURTH tooth! It popped through on Friday. I am fairly certain that her third tooth is her top left incisor, which is a bit odd because those aren't "supposed" to come through for another six months or so. Her fourth tooth, I think, is next to her top right middle tooth. I feel like I am saying the word tooth a lot - but how else am I supposed to talk about...teeth! Anyway - all of these observations and guesses are made from trying to pry open an (almost) eight month olds mouth and by trying to feel around in there with my finger. Not an easy task letmetellyou.

In addition to the new tooth she has been very busy at trying to stand up in her crib, trying to crawl and working on her standing. She can "walk" with one of her walker toys - I push it a couple inches forward and she drags her feet forward. She is still really shaky and wobbly but she LOVES doing it and is improving every day! 

Because of all these fun new developments and new teeth she isn't really napping that well. She is in pretty good spirits even when she's running on minimal sleep so it's not too bad. At least she is still sleeping well at night during all of this. I have learned to let go the stress caused by her napping issues (well...most of the time) and embrace her great night sleeping habits! I tried to get her on a schedule after we got back from vacation. I wanted to have a more consistent wake up time and, hopefully, more consistent nap times. Well that worked out well for less than too weeks and then all these changes started happening. Maybe once these milestones are out of the way (uuhhhh...when will that be??) we can get back on track! But I'm not holding my breath :)

Here is another picture that I took while trying to get her to lay down. As you can see she is constantly in motion! I think my iPhone is officially too slow for her!

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