Monday, 21 January 2013

Watch Me Grow - Thirty Five Weeks

Thirty five was a big one - it was the week Kaitlin learned how to crawl! It was so exciting-slash-scary at the same time. If I thought having her sit still was hard before, man oh man this takes it to a whole new level! She turned 35 weeks and EIGHT MONTHS old on Saturday.

I realize that picture is blurry as heck but I was so shocked/surprised/amazed that I even managed to capture a picture of her laying down at all that I just had to use it. Other exciting things that happened during week 35? We had a playdate at the baby store (check out her photo here), started looking at nursery schools (quick - make it stop! make time stop!!) and tried lots of new foods. Her pincher grab is developing quickly since she is practicing so often while eating. 

Changing Kaitlin's diaper or trying to change her clothes is basically impossible at this point. She starts to cry as soon as we lay her down on the changing table and will turnover on her tummy and sit up within 5 seconds. I am constantly trying to hold her down so that she doesn't fall off. I've tried changing her on the floor and that is almost worse since she can see so many more cool things. Often times our afternoons turn into no pants parties since trying to get them back on after a diaper change is too exhausting. Getting her ready for bed is officially a two person job. The bathing part is fine - she's happy as a clam splashing around in the tub - its the part right after that is tough. I gave her a bath and got her ready for bed by myself three times this week and each time I needed an adult beverage after the whole thing was said and done. 

This is when parenting really gets tiring, isn't it?

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