Monday, 28 May 2012

Watch Me Grow - One Week

I can't believe it has been one whole week since we welcomed Kaitlin into the world. It has been simultaneously the fastest and slowest week of my life.

Mostly it went by fast...only at the early hours of the morning after hours of crying did it seem slow.

Luckily that only happened a couple of times.

For the most part she has been a rockstar - she's been amazing. For hours she will just look around and take in the sights. Not that she can see very well, but she can see shapes and contrasting colors. Turns out the wall decal in her room was such a good call - she LOVES staring at it while we are in the glider. Of course I am also learning that this can be a bad thing. Too much observing and she gets over-stimulated and over-tired...something I have learned over the last couple of days.

I can't wait to see how Kaitlin grows and changes over the next year - I'm really looking forward to this series!

Ok moms and dads - any advice for us newbies? What is the most important/valuable thing that you learned during your babies first few weeks of life?

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