Sunday, 14 October 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twenty One Weeks

Kaitlin is one smiley girl lately.

She's always been a pretty happy baby (even though you might get a different impression due to all the whining I do about naps) but she is even more smiley and giggly. And I say "giggly" lightly - if you count a screeching-half laugh-half cough situation a giggle, then yes, she is very giggly.

Big new this week, I was able to get her to sit up by herself for a few seconds! She was leaning over on her hands/arms, and only last for about 10 seconds before she toppled over - but it counts! She is getting to be so strong, it's amazing. She is now reaching for EVERYTHING. Toys, blankets, cups, hair, your nose - anything you are holding she wants to hold too. She is still in the swaddle but slowly weaning herself off of it. Many times for naps and especially at bed time she gets one or both arms out and falls asleep on her tummy. The tummy sleeping hasn't done much for the length of her naps, but she is able to sooth herself a bit better that way.

I took her to the Drs on Friday to get a weight check again (the pediatrician even said - Wow! You guys must love coming to see us!) but they had me a little concerned at her last check up so I wanted to go and hopefully get some good new. And good news we got! She is now in the 19% for weight (was previously at 15%, not 20% like I thought) and weighs in at a whopping 13lb 7oz. The doctor was very happy with her weight gain and wants us to keep up the good work. Considering feeding Kaitlin is sometimes like trying to heard cats - ie, she wants nothing to do with it and only wants to play and look around - I felt pretty good. Next month we start solids!

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