Monday, 24 September 2012

Watch Me Grow - Eighteen Weeks

My little girl turned the big 1-8 this weekend. Luckily it was just eighteen weeks - not eighteen years. The thought of that gives me a heart attack. So lets not talk about it ok? Ok good, thanks.

I mentioned in The Fourth Month post last week that she's started rolling over. She celebrated her four month birthday by rolling over three times that morning. And she hasn't stopped since. Pretty much any time I lay her down on the ground now (or in her crib - oy!) she immediately tries to roll over - and she usually succeeds. She is constantly on her belly now and she can stay there for up to ten to fifteen minutes! Then she usually gets a bit frustrated and hasn't learned how to roll back to her back yet (consistently that is, she's done it once or twice by accident) so I have to help her. And as soon as I turn away she is back on her belly again!

This is much of what our morning looked like while I was trying to get some photos! Silly girl :)

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