Monday, 10 September 2012

Watch Me Grow - Sixteen Weeks

This picture sums up every minute of Kaitlins day this past week...

Yes, my friends, blowing bubbles has taken a back seat to playing with her feet and toes. She discovered them last weekend and has not been able to put them down since. She is obsessed. And she is finding out that she can get them pretty darn close to her mouth, so I see drool covered toes in our very near future. This is actually a really good development. Every time she lifts her legs and feet up she is working her ab and back muscles. As they grow stronger she will be better able to roll over and sit up (and eventually crawl and walk - yikes). She's getting really good at pulling her socks off too.

Also! We have a roller!! Ok, so she's not rolling from back-to-tummy yet, but a couple times during the week she rolled from tummy-to-back. Purely by accident, but a roll is a roll! The important thing is that she gets used to the sensation of rolling. As for the back-to-tummy roll we are still stuck in the same place - she can get her WHOLE body rolled around except for her head and her right arm. She's too busy sucking on her hand so her arm gets stuck in the way. She doesn't seem too bothered though so I'll just keep helping her along so she gets used to the full motion. She'll figure it out one of these days!

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