Sunday, 12 August 2012

Watch Me Grow - Twelve Weeks

Can we say growth spurt?!

I want to go back on vacation. 

She was a rockstar during vacation. She slept well, she traveled well, she was charming and lovable. The week between 11 and 12 was rough - for everyone. I'm hoping she's going through a growth spurt and this is a temporary change. Her eating has been all off - sometimes she eats every two hours other times she goes four hours between meals (mostly due to sleeping). For the most part she has been waking up twice a night, which she hasn't done in at least a month. She is constantly trying to eat her hands and always has her hands up by her face, which further delays her naps and falling asleep at night. She wants to be held all the time, which is so not typical for her (before she used to cry if she was held too much, now she cries whenever you put her down). She hates being in the swing and has a new eye for watching tv - not good!

Basically as soon as I thought her figured out she up and changed everything. She's really unpredictable right now in almost every way - eating, sleeping, mood, etc.

Such is life with a newborn though, right? Just as you get a little cocky and think you have it all figured out your world turns upside down and you have to start from scratch :)

She is definitely getting bigger though. I can barely lay her down on my lap like I used to without her trying to roll off or pushing her legs against me and launching herself off. Her torso and head now fit where her whole body used to! 

She held a rattle for the first time this week for a couple minutes. She didn't really know what it was for or what it was doing but it caught her attention when it was making noise. I also put her in the jumperoo for the first time! Her little legs don't reach the floor yet (we put some books under her so her feet touch something) but I think she liked it! We have the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo which is kind of a head trip for even Brian and I (seriously, could there BE more stuff on this thing?!) so I don't leave her in there for too long, but she really likes being straight up and able to stretch her legs. Are we going to have an early walker?!

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