Saturday, 18 August 2012

Watch Me Grow - Thirteen Weeks

Will this be lucky number thirteen? No rest for the weary this last week - her wacky sleep schedule continued on for most of the week. Just as it reached its worst (up every two-three hours starting at 11pm and WIDE awake at 4am wanting to play!) she surprised us with almost a full nights sleep.

Hooray! It's over! She's back to normal!


Her weirdo sleep antics were back in full force last night. Sometimes I think it's because the swaddle isn't tight enough, sometimes I think it's because there's too much light in her room (and seriously, how many lights does a baby monitor need?! Next time I'm getting the one with no lights on it). Sometimes I think maybe she's getting a tooth. And sometimes I think it's just because she's a three month old and her sleep habits are still changing - I should learn to expect the unexpected.

Unfortunately I think it might be that last one...

But it's hard to resist the little peanut when she looks up at me from her crib with a huge grin on her face (even at 4am when the last thing I want to do is play). It's hard not to smile and laugh when she is babbling like a crazy person and blowing bubbles (even if it is at 4am when I feel like a crazy person).

We tried out the jumperoo a couple more times and even got her in the Bumbo (I realise that they recalled, like, 4 million of these this week but seriously people - why would you think it's OK to leave your infant in a Bumbo on an elevated surface and then not watch them?? Oy vey). She's going to be sitting on her own in no time, I know it! She has always loved being held upright on your shoulder, and now anytime she can be in a sitting position she is happy as a clam. She gets really quiet and just looks and looks and looks, taking it all in.

We also went to our first playgroup for moms and babies this week. It was so nice to get out of the house during the day and meet other moms and their babies! It was a big group with babies from 0-12 months.  We are going to try and go as often as we can to these weekly meet ups, I think it will be a great resource for both of us. Especially this mom :)

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