Sunday, 24 June 2012

Watch Me Grow - Five Weeks

Last week was a big week for Kaitlin. She can now find her hand 99% of the time and accurately shove it into her mouth (with that development also came a lot of drool). She is making quite a few noises now - there is a lot more cooing going on as she finds her voice. It's so nice to hear a noise other than crying :) And probably the most fun development last week was she started smiling! Early in the week I thought I got her first real smile - her whole face lit up when I was talking to her and eating her cheeks (pretend eating her cheeks - obviously). But since it was just the one time I had my doubts that it was, in fact, a "real" smile. But every since then anytime I am talking to her in a really happy voice, smiling at her like a crazy person she gives me smiles back. And they are different from the smiles that I get when she is drunk off of milk and/or letting one rip. Happy days!

Another big thing we started this week was to try and get into a sleep/eating routine. Now I know that you can't make an infant go on a schedule, but I have heard time and time again that babies/kids crave routine. Routine makes things easier for mom and baby both. Moms can take confort in knowing roughly how their day will go and what times the baby will need to sleep and eat. Babies take comfort in the stability that a routine provides. And this type-A mom definitely craves a routine that will help makes sense of the endless cycle of sleeping/eating/crying. Needless to say it wasn't exactly a smashing success. I would say it worked about 50% of the time. But thats the thing with routines - you have to keep at it. A routine only develops over time. So if one day our routine goes to hell and I am feeling discouraged I just have to remember - tomorrow is a new day. 

And on a totally different note - seriously, how cute are these socks?

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