Monday, 9 May 2016

Watch Me Grow - Eleven Months

(I'm not exactly what's going on with her facial expression here - but it is the ONLY photo that I was able to take with her laying on her back and not rolling/crawling all over the place)

Eleven months. One more and she will be a whole year old. That little face. My gosh her smiles just lights up a room. What have we been up to this past month? I'm happy to report that there are no new teeth but it looks like her molars might be ready to make their debut. Her gums are swollen and she is gnawing on just about anything she can get her chubby little hands on. And we all know how fun molars can be (que sarcasm). In fact I think they have even woken her up in the middle of the tight with pain or at least being uncomfortable. Going back to 1am, 4am and 6am wakes up calls is definitely not fun. Molars molars go away!

Unfortunately Lauren has another ear infection this month. We managed to go about two months without one, but now that she's had another we will have to see if the ENT recommends tubes or not. Teething doesn't help as we know it can cause congestion and excess fluid, so hopefully she doesnt get an ear infection every time she's working on a new tooth. She's got way too many teeth left to have that be the case! We have a follow up with the ENT this month so the tubes discussion is TBD at the moment.

Little Lauren has started bear crawling like a champ, speeding around the sidewalks outside (much more comfortable than crawling with your knees on pavement). She has also started really walking with assistance - her number one choice is Kaitlin's chairs to her little eating/drawing table. The chairs are the perfect height and weight so that she can glide effortlessly across the room, right over to the shoes or stairs or pantry - where ever she can get into trouble ;)

Lauren has started talking and babbling SO much more than she used to. She loves to blow air out of her month (think the precursor to whistling) and blowing raspberries. She loves to attack you with "kisses" (mostly just open mouth drool bites) and has a small freak out every time she sees her sister or her daddy. It's basically the cutest thing you've ever seen <3 

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